Rob Johnson, President of JMAC CommercialI enjoy working with developers and entrepreneurs.  They typically have laser-focused vision.  They could look at a mound of dirt and see a beautiful apartment, or a retail shopping area, or a thriving business or whatever crazy idea they might have for the spot.  They give life to real estate and ideas. When their visions are realized, their buildings become a fixed part of the community and their businesses provide jobs.  They are usually very positive people, risk takers, overconfident at times, stubborn, undaunted by setbacks, and yes, sometimes a pain in the a**.  I can’t think of a better group of people.

Of course, that is why I have hung around this business for over 40 years.   I started my banking career in college and have been involved with lending in various capacities since.  I did my time with the commercial banks and large securities firms, I have owned different mortgage companies, and have had my share of successes and scars.

I’ve come to realize that without my clients’ vision, I would only see the mound of dirt. I always take it as my challenge to help make their visions come true, and honestly, I hate to lose. I understand the investors perspectives and how to mold my clients vision into an approvable financing request.  I have been lucky enough to work independently and spend most of my time talking to people I respect.

 I am at the point in my career to know whether your project will get funded. If a project is not worth your time to pursue from a capital perspective, I will let you know.  Funding success has nothing to do with the vision of the entrepreneur, and everything to do with how I package your request.